Secure payment

Payment by Credit Card

Our online store accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Carte Bleu, MasterCard ,.

In case of return of goods, the purchase amount will be credited to your credit card account immediately after the treatment of returned goods. Please note that the delay with which the purchase amount is credited to your credit card account or bank account, depending on the issuer of your card and is subject to the respective agreements concluded by institutions . Thank you to contact the issuer of your credit card for further information.

Here is some important information on safety:

In case of misuse of your credit card, you can object to the transaction with your credit card company.

To ensure the security of transactions and to best protect your personal data, any data transmitted from the online store is encrypted using the most modern security technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Moreover, to ensure the safety of your Internet transactions, you must specify when paying the credit card security code. This number is not stored on the magnetic strip of your card and will not appear on receipts of payment.


Payment by Paypal

PayPal is a secure online payment method, simple, fast and free to make payments in the online shop.

- Secure: your bank details or credit card are merely registered at PayPal and you will not need to communicate again with each order.

- Simple: You pay with two clicks. Indeed, using the bank details or credit card you left at PayPal instead of reintroducing them each time.

- Fast: Paypal payments to vendors arrive quickly, usually allowing a faster shipping and receipt of goods.



Payment by Bancontact / Mister Cash

Here is the unfolding of a payment: - You specify the number of your Bancontact / Mister Cash and expiry date.
- You will be redirected to the website of your bank to finalize your identification to validate your order.
- The terminal contacts the Hadock network that checks the validity of your credit card.
- A check is made to see if your account has sufficient funds to the terminal and sends the agreement to continue the payment and instructs to transfer the money from your account to the merchant's account.
- The display indicates that the payment is in order

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