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Every piece of KONPLOTT jewellery is designed by Miranda Konstantinidou. Our craftspeople still create each piece by hand, and the collections are produced in limited editions.

Over many years, Miranda Konstantinidou has set more worldwide trends in fashion jewellery than any other designer. The graduate fashion illustrator and designer was born in Thessaloniki (Greece), grew up in Germany and studied in Bologna (Italy) and Trier (Germany). In 1986, she founded the designer brand KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou, which she still runs with great enthusiasm today. “It is my aim to ornament every woman in every situation,” says Konstantinidou, who rejects thinking in terms of target groups or ideals of beauty; instead, she strives in her work to highlight every woman’s individual beauty. Her maxim is to “create jewellery which is free of material limitations,” and the resulting joyfully unusual combinations of colours and materials as well as the idiosyncratic production methods have time and again caused worldwide furore for nearly twenty years.

There are now KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou stores in many world-class cities such as Peking, Paris, Madrid and Berlin, and countless film and television productions and international galas have been adorned with her jewellery. As ever, all KONPLOTT jewellery is carefully handmade according to Miranda Konstantinidou’s designs and produced in exclusive series in small quantities.


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